OAA proud to be part of Balkan Seed Network

OAA proud to be part of Balkan Seed Network
27 May 2022, Bucharest

The Balkan Seed Network is established.

We, 16 organizations and institutions active in the Balkans have agreed on a Memorandum
of Understanding (MoU) to establish the Balkan Seed Network. The purpose of the network
is to increase conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources in agriculture.
Activities will aim at stimulating resilient food systems and establishing a paradigm of
collaboration, within the rich biodiversity and agricultural heritage of the Balkans.
As a network of seed savers, breeders, scientists, farmers, gardeners, associations,
organizations, research institutes and educational institutions, we believe in working together
to support local communities of farmers, women and young people in protecting our
common traditional farming knowledge and culinary tradition.
We have being conscious of the huge contribution that small farmers can have either in
mitigation or adaptation on climate change. Therefore, we focus on community based
science as the key for the conservation of plant genetic resources that are well adapted to low
input, sustainable agriculture - especially in organic farming - to face the current
environmental and socioeconomic challenges/crisis. Also, to preserve and enrich biodiversity
safeguarding food sovereignty, safety and quality for citizens nowadays and for the coming

1. AEGILOPS (Net. for Biodiversity and Ecology in Agriculture), Greece
2. Agricultural Research Institute (ARI), Cyprus
3. Alica Foundation (Foundation for Agrobiodiversity and Agroecology),
Bosnia &Herzegovina
4. Association ARCHE NOAH, Austria
5. Association of Plant Genetic Resources (APGR), Albania
6. Association Romania in Transition, Romania
7. Civil association FABIA CSB, North Macedonia
8. Community Local Seed Bank Bushat (COSPE), Albania
9. Ecological movement “Frame of life”, Serbia
10. Institute of Plant Genetic Resources, Agric. University Tirana , Albania
11. Institute of Plant Genetic Resources “Konstantin Malkov”, Bulgaria

12. Lipa dooel, North Macedonia
13. Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute (MVCRI), Bulgaria
14. Organic Agriculture Association (OAA), Albania
15. SITO SEEDS Network, Greece
16. Zelena Mreža Aktivističkih Grupa (ZMAG), Croatia

Contact information:
Chair person: Gordana Đurić; Email:
Secretariat: Kostas Koutis; Email: